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Robin’s Resume

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Robin’s Resume

This page is meant to be a brief summary of my life experience and resume. It’s designed to give out more information about me to those who are interested. I am not trying to boast about myself as I am only one of God’s many children on this earth. Like any other human, I have my failures and weaknesses. The only thing I have to boast about is my God. The facts about my life are broken into categories as follows:

Personal Life:

I have lived in North Idaho my whole life. I was born and raised in Bonners Ferry where I attended school until the middle of my sophomore year.

My family moved to Lewiston, Idaho for about 18 months and returned to Sandpoint in 1975.

Married my first husband in 1976 and lived in Lewiston for about three years. Then we moved to Sandpoint to help in my parents’ office supply business.

Moved between Sandpoint and Coeur d’ Alene as my parent’s office supply store grew.

Divorced in 1986 due to an alcoholic and abusive spouse. We had two sons.

Lived and worked in Sandpoint from 1986 to the present.

Remarried to Steve Ulbredtch in 1994 and inherited five more sons.

Presently live in Sandpoint, Idaho, with my husband, Steve, and my spoiled dog, Roxy.

Church Life:

From preschool age through third grade I attended Vacation Bible Schools at a variety of churches with children of my parent’s friends and neighbors.

From grades 4-10.5, I attended a Lutheran Church in Bonners Ferry. I was baptized by sprinkling in the fifth grade and attended confirmation classes in my seventh and eighth grade years. For my graduation from the confirmation classes, I stood before the church congregation and confessed that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior.

In Coeur’d Alene, I sporadically attended Coeur d’ Alene Bible Church.

In 1987, after my divorce, I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. My family of three attended First Christian Church where I was born again. I began working in Children’s Ministry, playing my clarinet in the church orchestra, and leading a single adult’s Bible study group.

In 1991, after meeting Steve, I began periodically attending Sandpoint Christian Center, now New Life Church.

After my marriage to Steve, our family moved to regularly attending Sandpoint Christian Center, now New Life Church. We presently attend this same church. Throughout the years I have helped in Children’s ministry, Children’s church, Sunday School, Small Adult Group Bible studies, Teen camps, and as a volunteer in our church office for about five years.

Steve and I also encourage and share God’s word to individuals in the community as the opportunity arises.


Elementary School in Bonners Ferry.

High School in Bonners Ferry, Lewiston and Sandpoint.

One year of academic business classes and two years of vocational business classes at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho

One year of Commercial Art classes at North Idaho College in Coeur d’ Alene.

Two years of Journalism and General classes at North Idaho College, graduating with an A. S. Degree in Journalism in 2002.

Three years (part-time) taking Education classes through Liberty University Online based in Lynchburg, VA. Graduated with a B. S. Degree in Education in 2012.


Two years of statistical typing in College work study program at Lewis-Clark State College. My first year I typed sets of library cards for cardfiles in the LCSC library. The second year I helped the Vocational Purchasing Agent by typing up bids, purchase orders, and lists of tools and supplies that students’ needed.

About 16 years in my parent’s office supply business. I did Accounts Receivable for one year, retail sales and stocking shelves for about 12 years, and helped in the service department as a secretary and parts ordering person for about three years.

About two years, working in the work study program at North Idaho College. I worked in the Molstead Computer Lab, helping students who had problems with the computers when they were working on their assignments.

About eight years, worked in a local fast food restaurant, preparing food and teaching new employees how to do the same.

Worked eight years in a local business, helping developmentally challenged adults learn living skills like how to use community resources, how to do menu planning, and helping teach them social skills, and money skills.

Retired with disability in 2010 due to a back injury and other health issues.

Writing Experience:

Wrote poetry and news articles for my school newspaper in elementary school.

Two years of writing articles for The Sentinel, the newspaper for North Idaho College, during my two years of Journalism Classes. Two other students and I won an “Excellence in Journalism” Award in 2001 from the Society of Professional Journalists (Inland Northwest Chapter).

Wrote a few Letters to the Editor and a couple of news stories that were published in our local newspaper, the Bonner County Daily Bee.

Put together bulletins, correspondence, directories and newsletters while working in our church office as a volunteer for about six years.

Created several websites, using to display my writing and advertise my books.

Wrote several articles and shared them on

Authored and self-published two books with the help of

Compiled a book of over 400 articles written by William Curtis Harvard, a former elder from our church. Published the book “Hidden Treasure” using the Kindle Direct application on The book cover was designed by Laura Wahl, who worked for Keokee Publications in Sandpoint,