Robin Ulbredtch

My Childhood Years

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My Childhood Years

My life and testimony began with my birth over 50 years ago in a small rural hospital in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. My parents, who were married just over a year, were working to provide for our needs. We lived in a house in the small Village named “Moyie Springs” which is about 10 miles northeast of Bonners Ferry.

Moyie Springs was nestled among the evergreen trees and, in places, overlooked the Moyie River, which winds its way through the rocky valley at the bottom of the rugged Moyie River canyon.  As I remember the village consisted of a café with a bar in the back, a lumber mill, a small community church, a U. S. Post Office and a small store with an adjoining gas station. Several families, mostly of lumberjacks, lived in the small village and supported the local establishments. Most of our immediate needs could be met in the small village but for the bulk of our shopping and professional services we made the short trip to Bonners Ferry.


During my preschool years my father worked as a logger and my mother worked as a bookkeeper. My parents worked hard to provide for our little family.  I spent hours with babysitters. My time was occupied by playing with my two boy cousins in their sandbox where we spent hours constructing small towns, complete with roads and houses.


I also spent hours with my girlfriends and their Barbie dolls. I remember my mother spending hours making clothes for my Barbie.  My friends and I imagined we were princesses who married and lived happily ever after. Unfortunately the dreams of young girls don’t always work out in real life!


My childhood was also the time when I began attending Vacation Bible Schools with my friends and began learning about the Bible and Jesus.  Though I didn’t regularly attend a church, I went whenever friends and neighbors invited me. God began drawing me at this tender time in my life. From preschool through the third grade I attended a variety of churches with friends and neighbors.


My elementary school years were spent attending Bonners Ferry grade schools. I enjoyed school for the most part–all except for math.  I also got involved in Girl Scouts and have many fond memories of activities done with the scouts. I learned a great deal during my scouting days and would recommend Girl Scouts to any parent that wants to get their girl involved in an after-school activity.


During my fourth-grade year my family moved to Bonners Ferry where I became a regular attendee at Trinity Lutheran Church. My home was within walking distance of the church so I frequently made the journey to attend events and services at that church. I learned about God and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior.


I attended Bonners Ferry schools until the middle of my sophomore year of high school, when my family moved to Lewiston, Idaho. We lived in Lewiston for a year and a half and then moved back to Sandpoint to help take care of my ailing grandparents. I graduated from Sandpoint High School.