Robin Ulbredtch

Ministry & Teaching Experience

Info About My Journey

  • From preschool age through third grade I attended Vacation Bible Schools at a variety of Christian churches with my friends and neighbors. I occasionally attended a Lutheran Church in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.
  • From Grades 4-10.5 I attended the same Lutheran Church where I was baptized during my fifth-grade year. In seventh and eighth grade, I attended confirmation classes. I was confirmed after completion of those classes by standing before the congregation and confessing that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior.
  • In 1973 I moved to Lewiston, Idaho because of my father’s job. He received a promotion and was transferred to this new location. In Lewiston, I did not find a church to attend.
  • In 1976 I married my first husband in the Lutheran Church in Bonners Ferry. We made our home in Lewiston, and I did not attend any church.
  • In 1978 we moved to Sandpoint, Idaho and I tried attending a Lutheran Church. I did not feel welcome or fit in so I occasionally attended a local Baptist Church.
  • Later, after two sons, my husband and I moved to Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, where I occasionally attended Coeur d’ Alene Bible Church.
  • In 1987, after a divorce, I moved back to Sandpoint and began attending First Christian Church. I rededicated to my life to Jesus Christ. I was born again, and my family of three regularly attended this church. I began working in children’s ministry, helping with Vacation Bible School, Children’s Camps and Children’s Church. I also led a single-adults Bible study and played my clarinet in the church orchestra.
  • In 1991 I met my present husband, Steve, and began occasionally visiting his church, Sandpoint Christian Center. In 1994 Steve and I married and my family began attending Sandpoint Christian Center on a regular basis. Since then, I have–at various times–helped in Children’s Ministry, Sunday School, Teen Camps, Adult Small-Group Bible Studies and volunteered in the church office.
  • In 1999 God called me to write for His glory. You can find my writing on this website under published works, on, and on my blogs.


I have devoted my life to walking with God and sharing His word with others.  Without God’s intervention, I would have ended my life in March of 1980 and would have missed my purpose for living! Now I want to devote the life He’s given me to serving God and His people!

I believe God has called me to write and share the wonderful news of His gifts of salvation, grace, mercy, love and healing to all those who listen. God has healed my broken heart and life, and given me a new life full of love and joy.  Now I want to bring Him pleasure!