Robin Ulbredtch

The Bible

The Bible is a book of love

and guide for Christian life.

It’s the Word from God above

to let us know what’s right.

The Bible is a gift from God–

given to those He loves.

It’s God’s words to help every situation

and show us how to love.

The Bible’s full of parables

to teach us wondrous lessons.

It’s full of information

to answer all our questions.

From the man with many talents

to the sower spreading seed–

the Word of God is there

with the answers we need.

As we read many stories

of people with great faith–

we see God overcome their problems

and keep them warm and safe.

Through the stories of Noah’s ark

and Moses’ crossing the Red Sea–

and Esther helping many Jews–

God teaches you and me.

God’s Word brings true comfort

to all those who grieve.

It also protects us

from those who deceive.

The Psalms are soothing

in times of great distress.

They bring much encouragement

to those who are depressed.

Revelation brings great hope

for the many years ahead.

Knowing Jesus is waiting in heaven

helps us face the test.

So let’s treasure God’s love letter

and read it every day.

It will give us faith and hope

when troubles come our way.

For what could be more hopeful

than a life free from sin?

And what could be more joyful

than time at home with Him?

For now I know this much–

God’s word is full of facts.

And no one can stop Jesus–

from taking us home at last!

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