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Classroom Challenges

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Classroom Challenges

As Christian workers try to teach God’s word in classes, we face a variety of challenges. Satan will do whatever he can to distract us or our students by creating chaos or confusion. He will also work to cause offenses in our class relationships and with our students’ parents, coworkers, and any others who may be involved. Some challenges come from the sinful nature of people and some from other sources. We must be on guard to make sure we keep our classes focused on the Lord, on the lessons we teach, and headed down the right path.
With God’s help, me can overcome some of these challenges, but for most of them, we have to pray and leave the problem in God’s hands. We cannot do anything to change people but God can do all things, and He can solve the problems.
As I share the testimonials with the classroom challenges I faced, see if you can discern which ones can possibly be resolved by the teacher and those that cannot. Also, see what you can glean to help you manage your classes.

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