Robin Ulbredtch

Most Bible curriculum helps Christian teachers by providing Bible stories and activities for class, which is a great thing. However, I’ve noticed that rarely does a Bible curriculum provide materials to help the students with “hands-on” training for learning how to look up scripture passages and use their Bibles. Nor do the materials help the students become familiar with the order of books in the Bible or learn the differences between the Old and New Testaments. Sure, the students learn Bible stories but can they find the stories in their Bibles? Do they know how to use the table of contents or the concordance in the back of their Bibles?

I understand that children’s classes, from beginners through second grade, may not be able to read the Bible. But older children should be taught how to use their Bibles. Also, they need to know how to use the concordance to look up the location of verses on individual topics. Teaching them this can help them look up problems or topics in God’s word and find good, Godly answers to their questions. Teaching students how to use their Bibles is vital. This will enable them to find Godly answers to their questions and Biblical solutions to many of their challenges as they continue walking with God and facing their giants on their journey through this life.

There are many Christian books, on a multitude of topics, in the market today. But how many of the billions of books available teach their readers how to use their Bibles?

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